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Incorporate sustainable habits into your work with theEnvironmental Education program in companies.


Benefits for your workspace


Stand out as a sustainable company.


Generates business community and spaces for interaction.


Environmental awareness and education for employees.


It makes possible the production of trees of native species.

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What does our program include?

  • Previous survey to know the degree of knowledge and interest of the participants.

  • Theoretical, participatory, educational and informative one-hour live session with a topic of your choice.

  • Dynamic instances of open questions and competition game between participants.

  • Delivery of educational and informative content supporting the topic, after the live meeting for participants.

  • Subsequent instance with satisfaction survey and questionnaire to verify the topics learned.

  • Virtual certificates of participation, from the Environmental Agenda, with the company logo and name of each participant.

Education projects

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Soluciones por el Ambiente

At Agenda Ambiental, we have developed a mentorship and group training program for individuals worldwide in partnership with the company AySA.

👤 Alcance: 150 jóvenes de Argentina

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Environmental education

To commemorate Environment Month, we organized an internal communication campaign within the company, creating spaces for training, awareness, and reflection with a focus on sustainability.

👤 Alcance: 2500 empleados de Argentina

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Embajadores verdes

A free virtual training program for young people in Argentina, aimed at learning and implementing sustainable habits in our daily lives.

👤 Alcance: Argentina

Active with Environmental Agenda

Be encouraged to act to care for our planet. Learn everything you can do from your organization, company and government area. 

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