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Green Communities in Action: Reforestation in Laguna Larga, Córdoba

Community spirit and environmental commitment were intertwined in a transformative event organized by this organization and the Municipality of Laguna Larga. Through our program, "Green Communities", the weekend of November 25 to 26 we dedicated ourselves, together with a group of volunteers, to reforesting and regenerating with native species in the town of Laguna Larga, Córdoba. More than a day of planting, this event was a declaration of love for nature and a reminder of the importance of caring for our natural environment.

A weekend of Green Action

About 30 people participated in this day of environmental commitment, which took place in the access area to the highway, at RP412. The Algarrobo, an emblematic tree of the region, was the protagonist of this activity that sought to strengthen the local ecosystem.

Figures that speak of Commitment

During the first day, the team enthusiastically planted 350 carob trees. The second day was no different, with the successful planting of 115 more trees. In total, 465 new trees now stand in Laguna Larga, contributing to the improvement of biodiversity and air quality.

Recognizing the Value of the Wetland:

This event was not only about reforestation; He also immersed himself in the richness of the wetland that gives its name to the town. Guided by the biologist and native of Laguna Larga, Sofía Ulla, the participants went bird watching and delved into the stories of the changes that this wetland has experienced over the years due to human intervention. The recognition day was not only a walk among the flora and fauna, but a passionate reminder of the importance of preserving and regenerating this vital space for the community. Sofia shared her knowledge and love of the wetland, underscoring the collective responsibility to protect these natural treasures.

The key to the success of this initiative was the close collaboration with the municipality of Laguna Larga. The entity not only provided its unconditional support, but also guaranteed the irrigation and care of the newly planted species. In addition, the municipal commitment was extended by offering lodging and food to all participants, creating an environment conducive to camaraderie and environmental reflection.

This event not only represented concrete action for the present, but also a hopeful look toward the future. "Green Communities" will continue to work tirelessly to involve more people in the preservation and regeneration of our environment. Each tree planted is a message of conscience and an invitation to take care of our common home.

We are planting the future of our environment and each tree is one more step towards a healthier, more conscious and sustainable environment

This weekend was not only a reforestation event; It was a living manifestation of the power of the community to care for and revitalize its environment. "Green Communities" will continue to cultivate the seeds of environmental change, reminding us that every action, no matter how small, contributes to the construction of a greener and more harmonious world.

Thank you to all the people who participated and demonstrated their commitment to a greener and more sustainable world!


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