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We are a team of young professionals from Latin America, specialized in different areas, committed to caring for our environment.

What is the origin of the organization?

We are born from the need toconnect to the community environmental, promote interdisciplinary work among society, disseminate the actions that are carried out and develop projects from the perspective of sustainability, which enhance and respect the communities where they are implemented.

About us?

We are onenonprofit organization of young professionals specialized in the development of socio-environmental impact projects.

What do we do?

We develop programseducation, communication and environmental actionin alliance with the community, companies and organizations. Through technology we want to build a global network that grows with the aim of motivating millions of people to action for a sustainable world.

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Our impact


Trained people



Events developed



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Our team



María Cecilia Quaglino

Alliances and fundraising

I learned from nature that magic is only possible in networks and that diversity is wealth. I am passionate about connecting people with purpose and promoting collaboration as an engine of change. Every day I am motivated to help co-build a fairer, more empathetic and sustainable future.


Agustina Magliochetti

Impact coordinator

Taking care of our biodiversity and educating society is my priority in the actions I develop in the organization.


Florencia López

Graphic designer

Designing everything necessary to communicate and raise awareness about environmental care.


Victoria Gardella

Founder and CEO

I very happily accompany the vision and mission of triple impact projects.


Jimena Alvela

UX UI Designer

I accompany the team in the design and development of the website, improving processes based on the needs of the users and the product.


Araceli Duran

Communication coordinator

We seek to transmit our mission and projects to the community, generating spaces for interaction and linking actors who want to change their reality.


Micaela Etchevest

Communication assistant

With the pleasant task of communicating, promoting education and awareness through actions and content that encourage more people to be protagonists of their future.

Would you like to be part of our team? 

Find out about our active searches and start your path of action for sustainability.

Steering committee

Fulfilled projects

We promote environmental care by working as a team with organizations, companies and people to generate a positive impact locally and globally.


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