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Academia Ambiental

Desarrollamos nuestro programa educativo llamado Academia ambiental con charlas en vivo, e-books y cursos online para contribuir con la formación ambiental de la región.

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We developed our educational program called Environmental Academy with live talks, e-books, and online courses to contribute to the environmental education of the region. Environmental Academy is the digital space for learning, exchanging, and taking action towards sustainability.

During 2021, we conducted 21 live talks, created 7 ebooks, and offered 3 online courses led by environmental representatives from the region, with participation from over 1700 individuals.

Our purpose is to bring you educational content with a focus on sustainable development, including the pillars of the 2030 Agenda, the transition of communication, businesses, sustainable living, and environmental policies and sciences.

In the face of the social and environmental crisis, we respond with regional cooperation and education for action, shaping ourselves to be conscious and responsible actors in our present.

“Plant your knowledge for a sustainable world.”

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