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Planting Day

Ecotransformá, an initiative to drive the transformation of the former open landfill on the Costanera of Asunción, Paraguay into a bird sanctuary.

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Planted Trees

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Agenda Ambiental Paraguay, along with the Mapeko Paraguay Foundation and Green Guardians of the Homeland, promoted a cultural and environmental gathering for the transformation of the Costanera in Asunción.

Ecotransformá is an event aimed at driving the transformation of the former open landfill on the Costanera in Asunción into a bird sanctuary. It included a planting day, picnic, a children's area, and an artistic space where attendees enjoyed good music outdoors.

Landfills are one of the primary options for the final disposal of non-recyclable waste, but not all areas have the capacity to maintain official landfills with safety measures for nature and people. This leads to the existence of open landfills where all kinds of waste, including hazardous materials, are freely dumped. These open landfills lack the necessary impermeability, leading to direct contamination of nearby soils and watercourses. Additionally, they lack protection to prevent animals from feeding on the waste.

Out of the approximately 260 municipalities in Paraguay, only 52 have landfills with environmental permits for sanitary landfilling. To protect our environment, it is necessary to rethink and change our consumption habits to reduce waste generation. This project fosters collaboration among businesses, organizations, and civil society to promote sustainable development in the region.

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