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Semillero Ambiental

Semillero Ambiental is a cornerstone program of Agenda Ambiental Córdoba, as it recognizes that biodiversity loss is one of the main issues in the Province of Córdoba.

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Árboles plantados

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This project has led to the planting of over 10,000 trees in the Cordoba provincial territory, along with over 20,000 transplants of native trees that will soon become large high-altitude forests.

During these reforestation and seed collection events, secondary activities such as yoga, lichen and fungus recognition, and environmental education talks are conducted simultaneously. One of the projects within the program is the Reforestation with Tabaquillos (Polylepis Australis) in Altas Cumbres. We have planted a total of 3,000 trees here, and the goal for 2022 is to reforest with more than 5,000 species.

Grupo de personas con la plantación realizada

Planting a Tabaquillo tree is a significant process, starting with seed collection in the early months of the year, followed by planting in greenhouses, subsequent transplanting, transfer to the mountains, and finally, reforestation.

All of this was achieved through alliances with governments, universities, and civil society. This project has impacted over 700 young volunteers. For Agenda Ambiental Córdoba, the "Environmental Seedbed" program is a central axis of the organization because it recognizes that biodiversity loss is one of the main issues in the Province of Córdoba and successfully reverses the situation through collective participation.

Reforestations of over 4,000 trees were also carried out with various municipalities and institutions in the provincial interior, aiming to revalue different green spaces, conduct environmental education activities, promote trekking, sustainable tourism, and cultural revaluation.

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