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Discover how you can make a difference in the world and contribute to the protection of our planet.




Collaboration network

Join a communitycommitted to action


Change's agents

Visibility, recognition

and motivation



Practical toolsticace

and knowledge


Real impact

I contributedn the protection

and preservation

What do you find in our programs?



Each program is unique and has its own access to workshops, conferences and virtual seminars with environmental action experts.

Educational materials

Exclusive and updated to keep you informed about the most relevant environmental challenges and solutions.


Volunteer opportunities and participation in practical environmental conservation and restoration projects.

Network of contacts: 

Opportunities to collaborate with companies, governments and organizations that share our commitment to sustainability.


Virtual for your participation.


Learn about our success stories!


We collaborate with companies committed to the environment and society, helping them communicate and disseminate their sustainable approach.

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Valoremos tus electrónicos

Valoremos Tus Electrónicos is a circular economy program that seeks to establish a collection circuit for waste Electrical and Electronic Devices (RAESS) in the Once neighborhood, Buenos Aires.

👤 Alcance: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Semillero Ambiental

Semillero Ambiental is a cornerstone program of Agenda Ambiental Córdoba, as it recognizes that biodiversity loss is one of the main issues in the Province of Córdoba.

👤 Alcance: Córdoba, Argentina.

242790544_562081114905724_692885463468836802_n (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Planting Day

Ecotransformá, an initiative to drive the transformation of the former open landfill on the Costanera of Asunción, Paraguay into a bird sanctuary.

👤 Alcance: Paraguay.

Active with Environmental Agenda


Contact us and discover how you can get involved from your organization, company or government area, in our environmental action programs.

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